Contact Center Platform

Summit Advantage has invested heavily in its advanced technology platform, and uses it to provide the highest level of service to our clients and their customers. We are continually increasing our capacity and upgrading our technology infrastructure and contact center facilities to ensure we deliver the most advanced solution to our clients. By leveraging the best available technology tools, your organization receives the benefits of greater reliability and uptime, and greater efficiency resulting in cost savings and increased productivity.

Dynamic Call Routing

Our Voice and Data network allows for multi-location next available agent call routing. By taking advantage of skilling, your customers get the quick and efficient support that they require, and contributing to their overall satisfaction with your company and brand.

Easy Scale-up

With scalable network resources and technology platform, we are equipped to rapidly scale existing programs and quickly launch new ones.

Seamless Integration

Our disciplined project management methodology ensures successful implementation

Dedicated IT Support

We also have a talented IT staff providing 24/7 support for our advanced technology platform, and have the ability to customize our technology to suit our client’s specific requirements.

Reporting & Analytics

Collecting data from customer interactions is very important. The data collected is analyzed and used to produce reports which provide valuable insights which are used to continually increase the effectiveness of your programs.

We provide powerful reporting capabilities that give our clients:

  • Real-time access to call data by the hour, day, week, or month
  • Ability to monitor program call statistics and results
  • A/B testing to determine the effect of changes on program results
  • The ability to customize reports to meet client needs and goals

These reporting packages provide a detailed look at the results of our activities, and provide our clients with a means to measure how Summit Advantage is performing. These reports can be customized to meet the needs of our clients. Adjustments can be made based on insights gained from reporting & analytics.

Compliance & Certifications

Our clients place a high value on protecting their brand and reputation, and place a high priority on security, and making sure that operations continue in the event of disaster or unforeseen event. Summit Advantage is PCI compliant, to ensure that credit card and other financial data is secure. Our scalable facilities are connected by a fully redundant, robust technology backbone supported by rigorous privacy and security standards. We have also made recent significant investments in physical security, access control, and surveillance of our state of the art facility. We go to great lengths to protect our clients from data beaches and other hazards to your client data.