Client Services

Dedicated Client Services Manager

Each Summit Advantage Client is paired with an experienced Client Services Manager. Our managers have experience and knowledge of your particular industry, and can be a powerful resource that can help you achieve your objectives in a cost effective manner.

Seamless On Boarding Process

After you have chosen Summit Advantage, your Client Services Manager will guide you through the On-boarding process, help you design a program that works for your organization, and quarterback the Client Services team to ensure a successful implementation. The Client Services Manager will also be involved with the Training Manager to ensure that our associates are ready and able to represent your brand and serve your customers effectively. That means a formal training program involving the client company’s brand, culture, and product offerings.

Single Point of Accountability

Your Client Services Manager (“CSM”) is responsible for all aspects of our performance on behalf of our clients, and is empowered to produce the desired results. The CSM will also monitor your program’s performance, provide regular reports, and suggest changes that could improve the performance of the program. The CSM also works closely with the Operations Managers to implement any improvements or adjustments needed to improve results.

Transparency & Communication

We provide you with full real time access to the same data that is provided to our CSMs, and they are available to discuss what is happening and constantly looking for ways to improve program performance. This level of trust and transparency is highly beneficial to our clients, and helps the partnership we have with our clients to achieve its goals.


Summit Advantage has significant resources and capabilities, and we have the ability and desire to work with you to create customized programs that suit your specific needs and goals. Our mindset is one of helping our client partners in any way that is mutually beneficial


Our Operations Team is responsible for making sure that your customers are receiving the best care possible, and that the technology and human resources needed to provide that level of service are properly allocated and managed. The following metrics are closely monitored by the Operations Team in real time:

  • Inbound Call Traffic
  • Average Speed to Answer (ASA)
  • Average Length of Call
  • Abandons
  • Real Time Agent Status
  • Service Level Monitoring
  • KPI’s

Our Operations Team receives alerts when metrics are out of predefined ranges, allowing quick correction and adherence to desired service levels. Frequent random and routine testing also keeps the services provided and customer satisfaction at the highest levels possible.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance efforts rely heavily on hiring, training, and retaining the best associates. The fact that Quality starts with our associates cannot be understated, since this is our most powerful tool to ensure great customer experiences.

Having said that, what is currently good can always get incrementally better with proper management and processes in place to provide feedback to our associates. We accomplish much of the improvements achieved through our call monitoring process, followed by timely feedback to help our associates become more effective in satisfying your customer’s needs. Our associates are also encouraged and rewarded for providing their valuable feedback to our operations managements, which is part of our culture of continuous improvement.