Our People

Your Customer’s complete satisfaction is our number one priority, and everything our associates do is in support of that goal. We always strive to portray your business and brand in the most favorable light so that your customers leave the interaction fulfilled and remain loyal to your organization and your brand.

Our associates are hired with these traits in mind (reinforced by our strong culture and training) A Summit Advantage Associate always strives to be:

  • Professional
  • Confident
  • Knowledgeable
  • Warm
  • Enthusiastic
  • Articulate
  • Responsive
  • Helpful
  • Empowered

Summit Advantage invests heavily in recruiting, training, and retaining the best people. We also provide them with the technology tools that they need to succeed, and give them a positive work environment and company culture. All these elements give Summit Advantage and our associates the ability to consistently provide a high level of service to your customers.

People who love their jobs tend to perform better, with more enthusiasm, and become more seasoned as they strive to turn their job into a career. Our associates love their jobs, and their enthusiasm is apparent to our clients and their customers. They are the greatest asset of Summit Advantage, and the passion and dedication they have for their careers is a major benefit for our clients!

Via Voice, Email, Chat or Social Media

In today’s world of rapidly evolving technological change, the ability to connect with your customers via Voice, Email, Chat, or Social Media is critical. An increasing number of your customers now prefer to communicate using mobile devices, and there are generational and other demographic factors at play that make connecting through multiple communications channels an absolute necessity if you want to be conveniently accessible to your customers. Our associates are capable of handling communications via any means that your customer prefers to communicate. We also have technology tools that capture the interactions, regardless of channel.


We have created an extensive training platform that allows our associates to get up to speed quickly in order to effectively convey your brand, while at the same time delivering superior customer experience.
This includes client specific training in:

  • Interpersonal Communications
  • In-depth product knowledge
  • Understanding your brand and culture

Having associates trained with our methodology empowers them to provide a dynamic and natural conversation with your customers that ultimately results in greater customer satisfaction and brand reinforcement.