Summit Advantage provides our clients a complete set of contact center and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services that meet the needs of our clients, delivered by a true business partner that places a high value on customer satisfaction. We offer our services to Businesses that range in size from SMBs to Fortune 500 Companies, and in a number of Industries. What these diverse companies have in common is the desire to focus on their core business competencies, and decision to leverage Summit Advantage’s capabilities to produce better results with greater flexibility and less risk.

You can trust Summit Advantage to deliver results from the following services, which we can perform in both a dedicated or shared contact center environment:

B2B & B2C Sales

Growing revenue and market share are top priorities for successful enterprises, and we can help you to achieve these goals in a focused and cost effective manner. We can design and implement Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) sales programs that will enable your business to meet or exceed your sales goals, in a professional manner that promotes and enhances your companies brand and reputation. Our associates are recruited with sales skills in mind, and trained on your company’s product offerings and culture in order to effectively be an extension of your own team.

  • Inbound sales
  • Outbound sales
  • Cross-sell & Up-sell
  • Lead Generation

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Third Party Verification

Advantage TVP℠ is our custom software designed to make a data entry easy for your sales agent and ensure your customer understands the sales agreement’s terms and conditions with easy to understand and compliant scripts. Advantage TVP℠ offers data entry, workflows, contract management, and reporting. This allows us to offer a unique blend of up to the minute reporting, along with our Email, SMS and live operator verification services.

Third Party Verification is often considered the ‘last step’ when enrolling a new customer for the Telecom, Energy and cable industries and therefore a very important part of the customer experience. Our friendly and professional verifiers are US based, highly trained and located in multiple call centers. Contact us today for more information!
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Customer Service

Every customer contact is an opportunity to connect and enhance the relationship between the customer and your company. Summit Advantage provides customer service and support with the same passion that we approach direct sale calls. Our associates are trained to treat customer service and support inquiries with the same focus and attention to detail.

We also can deliver high quality Tier I Technical support, including:

  • Help desk
  • Troubleshooting
  • FAQs
  • Warranty

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Associations, Alumni Groups, and other membership organizations benefit from regular person-to-person contact to keep members engaged and informed and maintain awareness of the organization and its mission. Our associates are trained on the Membership group and its mission, in order to relate to and effectively interact with members. This is essential to successful programs and happy group members.
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Customer Care & Retention

Businesses work very hard to attract new customers, at great effort and expense. Companies focus a lot of their sales and marketing mindshare to this endeavor. While new business is critical to the success of a business, it is also important that businesses don’t lose sight of the value of your existing customers.

Customers today have high expectations, and low loyalty, which is an alarming combination if nothing is done to address the situation. Today’s customers (Both B2B and B2C) are clearly in the driver’s seat with better information than ever before.

Companies also run the risk of alienating loyal customers who feel marginalized and taken for granted. There are a number of programs that make customers feel that your business cares about them enough to reach out to them routinely, offer them something of value, or perhaps just remembering their name when contact is made.

Existing customers are often overlooked when it comes to Cross-sell and Up-sell opportunities, and our associates have been trained to make the most of every interaction with customers. Summit Advantage can design programs to produce sales to your current customer base. Sales to existing customers are less expensive than finding new customers, and produce greater customer retention and satisfaction.

Our Customer Care & Retention services include:

  • General and Billing inquiries
  • Account activation status
  • Application/order processing
  • Change of address
  • Payment processing
  • Product Information
  • Services Support

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In today’s business environment, where data is increasingly used extensively to improve business results, it is essential to be aware of your customer’s opinions on a variety of matters that influence their overall satisfaction with your company, and ultimately the performance of your business. Uncovering and compiling this valuable information is something that we train our associates for, and our clients benefit from knowledge that is gained
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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Because Summit Advantage is a full service contact center, we are able to add value for our clients by providing non customer-facing activities in an efficient and cost effective manner that allows our clients to focus on their core business processes, and save money in the process. As with all the services we provide, we focus on providing high quality services where the return on investment is significant and measurable.
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Data Entry

Summit Advantage provides data entry services, using our highly trained workforce and systems designed to facilitate continuous improvement and efficiency. We automate the data collection processes to the greatest extent possible. Once the data is entered or captured, we also have the ability to store the data securely and efficiently in an integrated database. We can also integrate this data into other applications so that it can be used to help your business become more efficient and effective.
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Professional Services

Summit Advantage capabilities go beyond contact center services. We also have the skills in house to offer professional services to our clients., including IT, Legal, HR, and Accounting Services. These services are cost effective and flexible, and allow our clients to focus on core competencies as well as avoiding higher cost alternatives.
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