Summit Advantage performs the following services in a dedicated or shared contact center environment:


Summit Advantage specializes in acquisition, fundraising and upgrade programs for the following types of organizations:

  • Non-Profit Groups
  • Educational Organizations
  • Political Campaigns
  • Religious Groups
  • Charitable Causes
  • Cultural Organizations

Our associates learn about the nuances of your organization and mission, and receive specialized training in fundraising. We also can successfully navigate regulations regarding these calls, and our associates can be tactful and effective while engaging with your valued supporters in a warm and friendly manner.


Associations, alumni groups, and other membership organizations benefit from regular person-to-person contact to keep members engaged and informed and maintain awareness of the organization and its mission. Our associates are trained on the membership group and its mission, in order to relate to and effectively interact with members. This is essential to successful programs and happy group members.

Member Surveys

In today’s business environment, where data is increasingly used extensively to improve fundraising and membership results, it is essential to be aware of your member or supporters opinions on a variety of matters that influence their overall satisfaction with your organization, and ultimately the performance of your business. Uncovering and compiling this valuable information is something that we train our associates for, and our clients benefit from knowledge that is gained

Direct Response

When you are investing heavily in media campaigns to promote your cause, you want to make sure that you have an experienced partner on the receiving end of the resulting calls. We help our Non-Profit clients achieve a target ROI from Direct Response TV Campaigns with on-demand, flexible, and scalable staffing which help increase conversions and reduce lost sales opportunities. We also use data and make adjustments to improve performance.

Download our Services for Non-Profit Organizations Data Sheet