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In order to provide a high level of services to our clients, we need to provide a great work environment and corporate culture that attracts and retains the talented and enthusiastic professionals we rely on to help grow your business. We love people who are looking for a career and company they can grow with!

Work Environment

We have a business casual work environment that is designed to give our employees the level of comfort needed to facilitate the natural interactions that build customer trust and satisfaction. We want our associates and other employees to radiate enthusiasm and have a great attitude, and a great work environment. Summit Advantage provides endless opportunities!

Advanced Training

In addition to learning the skills needed to provide a high level of contact center services,
Associates are given the opportunity to learn specialized industries, as well as the culture and product offerings, making our Associates to the most valued people at Summit Advantage as well as assets to our clients!

Attractive Benefits

Summit Advantage offers a competitive benefits package, including health and dental insurance, paid holidays and vacation, 401K with employer matching, and flexible scheduling options.

Convenient Location

We are located on West Market Street in Akron, OH. We are conveniently located directly across from Summit Mall, and close to Interstate 77 and the Ohio Turnpike (Interstate 80) Our facilities are accessible by car and public transportation.

Company Events

Summit Advantage regularly holds company events to foster company culture and teamwork, help create an enjoyable work environment that is attractive to current and prospective employees. A productive professional environment can also be fun.